10- What is March Madness?

In March, you may see some Americans going crazy, gambling, and insulting each other all at the same time. This is all because of March Madness, the time when Americans go crazy about college basketball.

So, if you’re interested in Americans sports, basketball especially, stay tuned to find out about the things you can say and do to go mad with the Americans around you about March Madness.


  • high caliber skill – very high level of skill
  • Amateur – non-professional, unpaid athlete, worker, or performer
  • Alumni – those who have graduated, usually from a school or university
  • Alma mater – Latin for “nourishing mother”, the school or university one graduates from
  • Ribbing – playfully and jokingly insulting
  • Sweet 16 – the final 16 college basketball teams in March Madness
  • Elite 8 –  the final  8 college basketball teams in March Madness
  • Final 4 –  the final 4 college basketball teams in March Madness
  • Championship – the final game in a tournament which decides the best team or player of the year, like the Superbowl
  • NCAA – National Collegiate Athletics Association, the organization which organizes March Madness basketball games

09- Mardi Gras: A Party Like No Other

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Do you like to party? If you do, then you either head over to New Orleans for Mardi Gras by February (this weekend) or you don’t know what parties are at all.

However, what do you do and say once you’re actually there? Well, why don’t you keep on listening to find out?

Hotels for Mardi Gras: http://www.mardigrasneworleans.com/news/the-best-places-to-stay-during



Cult of Dionysus – the religious movement which worshipped Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of  grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, fertility,[2][3] theatre and religious ecstasy

Debauchery – extreme enjoyment in sensual pleasures (i.e. drinking, dancing, and sex)

Easter/Pascha – the spring holiday which celebrates the Resurrection of Christ

Pagan – the worship of many gods, instead of one (i.e. Christianity worships one God, while Hindus worship many gods)

08- Into the Mind of Trump

Trump’s communication style is one that’s infecting America. Your friends and coworkers may even talk and think like him. So, in this episode we’ll talk about how to understand Trump and the way other people like him talk and think.


Articles on Trump’s Communication:

What Leader Can Learn from Trump’s Communication: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/02/14/what-leaders-can-learn-from-trumps-communication-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/

Trump’s Terrifying Communication Effectiveness: https://informedopinions.org/trumps-terrifying-communication-effectiveness/



Confirmation Bias – the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

Nationalism – an extreme form of feelings for one’s country, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.

07- Trump: the Nickname Generator

What’s in a name?

Some people spend a crazy amount of time and money building their brand, building their name.

Some people can destroy name with just a few words.

That’s Donald Trump. He’s uses his tongue to destroy his enemies and gain power.

So, in this episode we’ll look at how Trump uses name calling to destroy others’ names by giving them a name.

All of Trump’s Nickname:



Pocahontas – Native American woman who was important during the early years of Virginia; the main character for a Disney Cartoon movie of the same name; Trump’s nickname for Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senior Senator

Little Rocket Man – Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong Un

06- Trump’s Blessings and Curses

“God bless you!” is quiet an important phrase in American culture.

North Korea is important too.

But, why?!

Well, let’s look at President Trump for answers.



Dotard – an old person, usually a man, that’s become weak and slightly crazy

Red State – US states which vote Republican

Blue State – US states which vote Democrat

Purple State – US states which “swing” between voting Republican and Democrat

05- American Football: Pride and Prejudice

Daily Show Sports Roundup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39QkEbD0apE

As we come into 2018, I’ve decided to help you understand American culture by explaining the culture you’ll find in media – tv shows, movies, songs, and even Tweets.

In this episode, we cover the Daily Show’s 2017 Sports Roundup.

I decided to do this since the Sports Roundup covered 3 of the things Americans are crazy about – football, the Superbowl, and racism.


NFL – The organization which operates America’s professional football industry

Superbowl 51 – the 51st football yearly National Football League (NFL) championship game

Quarterback – the football player who leads the team’s offensive play.

Atlanta Falcons – NFL team from Atlanta, Georgia

New England Patriots – NFL team based in the Greater Boston Region

Blacksheep – a member of a family or group who is regarded as a disgrace to them.

KKK – the Ku Klux Klan, a pro-white extremist group in the United States

Anti-immigration – the attitude that immigrants shouldn’t be let into the country, or should be given a hard time. In America, this idea mostly means that non-white immigrants shouldn’t be let in the country

Racism – dislike or hatred against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

White Nationalism – the idea that a country belongs to white people

White Supremacy – the idea that white people are superior to other people from other races and colors

Wokeness – knowing about social and political problems


04- What’s So Special About Pizza?!

Many foreigners studying and working in the United States probably think that Americans are obsessed with pizza. Why? What’s so special about a piece of bread with sauce, cheese, and meat?

You’ve probably felt confused when you see your friends gathered around a box of pizza having fun eating it, while you feel like you really don’t want to eat the thing at all.

So in this episode, we’ll talk about why Americans love pizza so that you can make Americans love you with your pizza understanding and skills.


  • Naples, Italy – the place where pizza was born
  • Margarita – the original pizza flavor. Made in Naples
  • Chicago Deep Dish – pizza “pie” made in Chicago
  • New York Thin Crust – you can fold it in half
  • California Style – crust thickness is between Chicago and New York
  • Pizzeria – pizza restaurant

03- Kissing and Partying for New Year’s?

Have you heard that it’s a tradition for Americans to kiss during New Years?

Well, it’s not. 😉

In this episode, I’ll talk about some of the things that actually happens during New Years and all the fun and great things you can do with your friends.

02- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas for many Americans can be like Chinese New Year – the most special time of the year!

In this episode, I’ll show you what to say and what to do to have a great time with others during Christmas dinners, church services, and whatever else happens on Christmas morning.

Orthodox Christian Christmas
Traditional Roman Catholic Church
Traditional Protestant Christmas
Christmas ham

Nativity – the birth of someone
Advent – Latin for the arrival of someone important
Noel – French for birthday
Glad Tidings
Feliz Navidad

01- Help! What Do I Do for Christmas?| Ugly Sweaters, Christmas Trees, Giving Presents, Christmas Carols| learn American culture

Learn about what to do and what to say during Christmas:

  • Ugly Sweaters – how do you talk about them?
  • Christmas Trees – use them as a way to bond
  • Giving Presents – you can give them to touch hearts
  • Christmas Carols – Americans love talking about music