04- What’s So Special About Pizza?!

Many foreigners studying and working in the United States probably think that Americans are obsessed with pizza. Why? What’s so special about a piece of bread with sauce, cheese, and meat?

You’ve probably felt confused when you see your friends gathered around a box of pizza having fun eating it, while you feel like you really don’t want to eat the thing at all.

So in this episode, we’ll talk about why Americans love pizza so that you can make Americans love you with your pizza understanding and skills.


  • Naples, Italy – the place where pizza was born
  • Margarita – the original pizza flavor. Made in Naples
  • Chicago Deep Dish – pizza “pie” made in Chicago
  • New York Thin Crust – you can fold it in half
  • California Style – crust thickness is between Chicago and New York
  • Pizzeria – pizza restaurant