Ready to Speak English Like Americans?

Have you been living, studying, or working in America for some time now and still feel like you really haven’t connected that deeply with Americans?

Do you feel like most of your friends are still people from your own home country even though you want so much and have tried so hard to break out of your shell?

If so, I’m glad you’ve found me.

My name is Genesis Sanchez with Peas in a Pod. I immigrated with my family to the United States so I know how it feels like to be the immigrant who feels out of place and confused in American culture. But throughout the time I’ve been here in America, I’ve become a citizen, gone to school in UC Berkeley, and now live in both California and New York – the cultural centers of of the East and West Coast. Furthermore, I’m also a Communications Specialist. My work has included human resource development in the Silicon Valley to various communications projects all over China.

But most importantly, I now have good friends coming from the many parts, ethnicities and cultures which make America. Seriously, my parties usually have people who come from the Western, Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern parts of America, speaking different “American Englishes” and representing many of the unique walks of life in America.

This is all goes to say, that while American culture takes years to understand, I’m more than American enough to dramatically increase your cultural knowledge, so that you can even feel, think, and be American – if you want. But basically, I’ll help you jump into your American life in ways you’ve never imagined.

Specifically, I’ll be here to help you understand the culture you’ll find in shows, songs, movies, politics, sports, parties, news and even Tweets. I’ll help you understand those things which Americans do and say that make you feel left out and awkward.

More importantly, we’ll team up to turn your knowledge into communication skills so that you can connect deeply with the people around you.

So, tune in to our Podcasts/YouTuBe Channel and subscribe!

I’ll be releasing a new episode every week where you’ll gain life-changing cultural insights. And it won’t just be me talking to you. I’ll also be joined by other locals and Westerns who’ll share with you their unique experiences of America. Then, you can take these and experience life like never before!